The Series

2 Self Help Books Away From Being Perfect is a female driven comedy, parodying the cliches of romantic comedies. It is a series less about finding love and more about exploring the pressures society places on women to meet unbelievable standards of beauty and behavior.

We follow Kimmy, a bright-eyed girl who is desperately seeking love by studying the guidelines of self-help books in order to become the "ideal perfect woman". Through her hilarious journey she realizes finding true love starts with first accepting one’s true self. 


Note from creator

2 Self Help Books Away From Being Perfect is a comedic interpretation of my accumulated experiences as a young single black woman in search of love in the big city.

I wanted to expose the ridiculous expectations within different sub cultures that we succumb to within our everyday lives. Everything from corporate culture to hip hop culture, I wanted to show through the character Kimmy Monroe, the lengths we will endure for the sake of belonging and for the hope of being loved or rewarded. These expectations become a form of abuse when we deny our true selves, and forcibly fit our selves to meet them and to excel at them.

About the team

2 Self Help Books Away From Being Perfect was produced by Lopez Williams and Kimberly Young. The two have banded together to create Park Haven Productions. Previous work includes The Vapors.

                                  Producers Kimberly Young & Lopez Williams

                                  Producers Kimberly Young & Lopez Williams